In 2007, Advent Advocacy was founded by Benjamin Satkunan. Ben had a lifelong belief in the power of advocacy for people experiencing mental health difficulties, and motivated by the anticipated inclusion of statutory advocacy in the Mental Health Act, Ben founded Advent Advocacy.

We now provide independent advocacy in over 130 hospitals, residential units, care homes and a number of local authorities in England and Wales. This means that every year, we work with and for thousands of people to provide independent support for their mental health and wellbeing needs.

In 2017, we launched an initiative designed to support the mental health needs of university, school and college students. We now visit a number of universities in London. We provide independent mental health and wellbeing support to the students in these universities and have formed alliances and partnerships with wellbeing departments and student unions. These partnerships bolster and grow students’ access to mental health support when it is most needed.

Most recently, we signed the ‘Time to Change’ employer challenge. We did this to publicly commit to our goal to be a supportive work environment that actively works to combat stigma around mental health. We recently ran a #TimeToTalk session for workplaces in Darlington, resulting in several large organisations reaching out to us for support with starting their own ‘mental health at work’ support groups.

We believe in a person first, disability/diagnosis second approach. We know that powerful advocacy comes from getting to know a person. We learn about a person’s past, their present and their future aspirations. Our success comes from our non-adversarial approach. We are trained and experienced in listening, negotiating and speaking up for people. This coupled with our extensive knowledge of human rights, mental health legislation and support services, has led to our first-rate reputation in the field of mental health advocacy.