Role: Advisory board member

Appointment term: One year initially

Time commitment: The equivalent of approximately 8 days per year

Location: Darlington/Durham/Middleborough/Hartlepool

Salary: Unremunerated, reasonable expenses may be claimed


Person Specification:

Essential Criteria

Experts must have experience either personal or caring for someone who uses or has attempted to use health, mental health, social care services and/or any of the other areas where Advent Advocacy provides a service.

Ideally the experience is chronologically substantive although the Advisory Board is committed to the perspective that this should not carry an undue weighting and each application will be assessed on the fullest assessment of how prospective members could contribute to the work of the Advisory Board. Experience of services (or attempts at using services) must be no more than 5 years old, and 10 years for people that have experience of using learning disability services and for people who have experience of being detained under the Mental Health Act.

The experience of using services should be recent and/or strengthened by involvement in activities that guide or critically review services; facilitate support for service users

Commitment to attend face to face meetings of the Advisory Board

Commitment to evaluate and respond to information sent by the company Directors in a timely fashion.


Desirable Criteria

Participation in committee work including critical review of documentation or by site evaluation of services.

Ability to undertake research in order to evaluate material under review by the Advisory Board and evaluate how advice may be best formulated.

A combination of experience and academic qualifications in the related field of the Advisory Boards activity.