UNITED: Generic Advocacy in Schools

UNITED is our pioneering service for young people in schools across the UK. UNITED by Advent Advocacy encompasses student-centred, independent generic advocacy support within the school environment to assist the learner journey. 

Generic advocates serve as independent professionals within a school setting. Ensuring that students views are not overlooked, the generic advocate can represent individuals at important meetings and can support people to represent themselves effectively in these meetings. Expanding channels of communication between students and the school is another key facet of generic advocacy. Generic advocates can assist with legal matters, finances, and decision-making regarding future study. A generic advocate can liaise with doctors, nurses, social workers, and anyone involved with student welfare to ensure that all professionals are aligned with the wishes of the individual. 

Advent Advocacy is a leading nationwide advocacy services provider with a team of independent advocates who are passionate about making a difference to the lives of the people we advocate for. During our 14 years we have worked with young people across the UK to ensure they are seen and heard. Our UNITED service is designed to work collaboratively with students to assist accessing provisions you have in place for mental health and wellbeing support.

Our advocates reconnect young people to the world around them when they are struggling. This involves helping them to feel heard by adults when they find it difficult to voice how they feel. Together, the young person, their advocate, teaching staff, and the adults in the young person’s life can become UNITED.  


An Example Advocacy Journey

UNITED Journey (2021)

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