How do we communicate what advocacy is to students?  

Advocates can deliver sessions in an assembly, group, or class basis to inform young people on what the definition of advocacy is, what it means for them and how a UNITED Advocate can assist them. These could be used as part of the Healthy Living aspects of PSHE and RSE curriculum 

How do we communicate what advocacy is to teaching staff and to parent/carers? 

The advocate can deliver training for school staff to build upon their skills and knowledge on independent generic advocacy and self-advocacy for students, enabling you to continue delivering high-quality pastoral care.  

What training do advocates undertake? 

Advocates undertake modules in the qualification of Independent Advocacy for example, the Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA) Level 4. Advocates also complete continuing professional development both internally and externally. This CPD covers an array of areas including relevant legislation, safeguarding, advocacy techniques and health and safety. 

Do schools receive reports on advocacy undertaken? 

Yes – we provide detailed reports on a monthly and quarterly basis outlining the frequency of advocacy engagements and how good outcomes have been obtained for students. Reports include categories such as finance, academic, social/cultural, family, and mental health. Reports come complete with case studies and details of methods of contact.  

What details do advocates hold on students? 

  1. GDPR 
  1. Confidentiality Policy/QPM (NDTi) 

We maintain records that outline how we have supported service users to find a voice and obtain the best outcomes from the services they receive; this can be viewed by the service user on request. The data is kept in all lawfulness, fairness, and transparency compliant with General Data Protection Regulations 2018 (GDPR). Our independent advocates maintain confidentiality with young people unless there is risk of harm to the young person themselves or others.  

Advent Advocacy holds the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM). The QPM is a quality assurance assessment for providers of independent advocacy in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is based on the principles contained in the Advocacy Charter and the Advocacy Code of Practice. NDTi is responsible for the delivery of the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM), the only Quality Mark for organisations offering independent advocacy. The QPM is only awarded to organisations who can demonstrate that they provide excellent services in line with QPM standards and the advocacy charter. 


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