What is Generic Advocacy?

Generic Advocacy is a branch of independent mental health advocacy, which aims to assist individuals to exercise their rights, express their wishes and ensure that access to relevant support is available to them. For university students, this may look like, support accessing:

  • Wellbeing and counselling services
  • Finance teams
  • Your Personal Tutor
  • Complaint procedures
  • Local mental health services
  • Accomodation teams
  • Student Union Representatives
  • Local advice bureaus
  • Third sector support


Who are Advent Advocacy?

Advent Advocacy specialise in providing quality, nationwide, independent mental health advocacy support and have been a mainstay in the sector for 14 years. Advent Advocacy have advocates located across the country and specialise in providing local advocacy in any geographical location.

Our advocates combine academic excellence with applied practice and professional qualifications, for example the IMHA and IMCA qualifications. Leadership, training and supervision is provided by a team with vast experience within the mental health and social care sectors.


How does the Generic Advocacy service work?

Generic Advocacy is a service that is commissioned by the universities that we operate within – this can be by a department within the university, for example, a wellbeing or counselling team or student union. The service is completely independent and so student can benefit from accessing assistance from our advocates freely and without any reservations.

Our advocates have set times per week that students can access support remotely or on occasion face-to-face.

We can be reached via email on student@adventadvocacy.co.uk or social media @uniadvocates


What sets UniAdvocates apart?

UniAdvocates by Advent Advocacy are proud to say that we received the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark awarded by the National Team for Development and Inclusion (NDTi) for our student service and we are the only advocacy provider in the UK to have achieved this. Our advocates are professionals with recent lived experience of being a student so combine their advocacy skills with an empathy to provide a truly student-centred approach.


What is not classified as Generic Advocacy?

Generic Advocacy is classified as a ‘non-clinical’ role and as such our advocates are not able to provide any form of mental health, wellbeing, counselling support or assistance with complex cases. We are distinct from the services that we signpost to and recognise that these teams are best placed to serve and provide the help students need.

What we can do is act as a sounding board, which has demonstrated on occasion to minimise pressures on wellbeing and counselling teams, by ensuring that referrals are directed to the appropriate stakeholders initially.