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There has been a sharp rise of 28% of children in care over the past decade which now sees a staggering 78,150 of our children with ‘looked after’ status. Support services are becoming more and more under pressure and it is a real challenge to ensure the voice of the child remains at the forefront. Children are facing instability in a very overstretched system and this can have a detrimental impact to their mental health and wellbeing in both the short and long term. We also understand the pressures health & social care professionals are under in the system and we are here to play a key part in ensuring the needs and concerns of the child are not lost.

What makes Voice Aloud Advocates different?

We are a nationwide provider of advocacy services with a difference – we ensure a child’s voice is heard throughout their full journey in need. We believe every child deserves access to an advocate throughout their entire journey in need and we make that happen. We want to be there from day 1 to listen to understand the child’s concerns, wishes and feelings. We know the positive impact this can make on children and young people.

We know how destabilising it can be for a child to enter a system with lots of different adult voices and how it can feel like their voice is lost. We hear how difficult it is for children to repeat their story to people who come and go. We want every child to have the opportunity to build a trusting relationship with a consistent support figure in the form of a Voice Aloud Advocate who will aid them on their journey in need to help them voice themselves. We are there to ensure no decisions about them are made without them.

Our team of Advocates are passionate about making a difference to the lives of children and young people. During our 13 years in this space we have worked with children and young people across the UK to ensure they are seen and heard. We are committed to delivering the highest level of support in our advocacy services across the public and private sectors. We also operate in schools, colleges and universities where we feel privileged to be able to advocate for young people.

Our name, Voice Aloud, embodies what we set out to achieve through our work to advocate for children and young people:

A –  Access
L –  Listening
O –  Opportunities
U –  Understanding
D –  Decisions


Hearing the Voice

At times, the voice of the child is clouded by conflicting loyalties, misunderstanding and even fear. This often means the child’s school, family and social worker are not best placed to act as the voice of the child.

  • We hear the child and help them tell their unique story.
  • We help children and young people to access support where it’s most needed to improve their quality of life.
  • We make sure children and young people are aware of their rights as part of the Children Act (1989, 2004) such as, a right to privacy and a right to be heard. If a local authority is deciding what should happen to a child or young person, they must find out how they feel and what they want. They must tell the child or young person what is happening and why.
  • We will attend relevant meetings and will inform the care team of the child’s views, wishes and feelings. This way of working assists with better planning and outcomes in each individual case.
  • We play a key part in ensuring the child has a supportive network around them to provide a crucial sense of stability.

Voice Aloud Advocates are there for vulnerable children in society who could benefit from consistent support from an independent person helping them to have a voice. These may include children with S.E.N., disabilities, challenges within the family unit and any existing service intervention.

Quality assurance

We are dedicated to providing an outstanding advocacy service to the children and young people we support. It is this commitment that has resulted in the renewal of our company being awarded the Advocacy Quality Performance Mark (QPM) by the Department of Health funded National Development Team for Inclusion (NDTi).

The Advocacy QPM is the UK’s only independent quality performance mark for organisations offering independent advocacy. To be awarded with this mark, Advent Advocacy have demonstrated excellence in the following key areas;

  • Independence
  • Clarity of Purpose
  • Confidentiality
  • Safeguarding
  • Empowerment
  • Accessibility Support
  • Accountability in line with GDPR requirements, advocates record their daily activities with individual children in secured digital case notes and summary reports are provided to our stakeholders.

Accessing support

Please contact us to make a referral so we can join a child on their journey as soon as possible.

As experts in our field, we use our wealth of knowledge and expertise to advocate in the following areas:

  • Children and Young Persons Advocacy Care Act Advocacy
  • Independent Mental Health Advocacy Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy Relevant Persons Representation Generic Advocacy
  • Advocacy in Schools
  • Advocacy in Universities
  • Advocacy in the Workplace

We are there to provide advocacy for everyone who needs it, at all stages and across all settings in life. We are committed to creating a society of empowered people who can self-advocate with confidence.


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