Seen | Heard | Important | Not alone | Empowered

Are you struggling to know where to turn for specialist support when it comes to discussing your mental health and general overall wellbeing?

We are here for you as your Wellbeing Advocate. We see you as a whole person, in and outside of the workplace.

What makes SHINE different?

We are a nationwide provider of advocacy services with 13 years specialist experience in mental health. As mental health professionals, we have the tools to be able to support you and your workforce when it comes to workplace wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Advocates are passionate about providing people with a voice who need and deserve to be heard when struggling with their mental health and general wellbeing. We have a talented team of people from inspirational backgrounds who all strive to help others feel listened to, understood, and empowered.

In addition to workplace support, we have provided crucial support in hospital, residential, and educational settings, recognising people across all walks of life should be:

S –  Seen
H –  Heard
I –  Important
N –  Not Alone
E –  Empowered

We see the power in taking the time to sit down with a person on a face to face basis and understand the difficulties they are navigating. This enables us to focus on building a trusting relationship where we can help them to access support that is available to them and to empower them to make decisions. Crucially, we do not put a time limit on this or cap sessions per person. We are there to provide support for however little or long a person needs it.

Tailored support

Our highly experienced Advocates will be there to provide support, guidance and signposting services to employees about issues concerning their mental health and wellbeing. We recognise mental health has no boundaries and we will be there for your people as Wellbeing Advocates, with a focus on the many layers to their life.

Our Advocates always tailor their support to the individual. We understand life is unpredictable and difficulties of all kinds can happen to us throughout life, many of which are outside of our control. How we feel can become a real problem and this can be difficult to voice.

Sometimes speaking to someone outside of the workplace is more comfortable for people. Internal Mental Health Champions & First Aiders are still colleagues. That’s where we can help.

We shine a light on what matters

Everyone’s story is different and the role of a Wellbeing Advocate can therefore vary depending on the type of support you need. This support can include working with your employees on a confidential 1-2-1 basis to:

  • Listen to their unique story
  • Ensure they are not alone
  • Support them to be heard
  • Help you to understand their options
  • Help them access the support they need
  • Empower them to make decisions

Shine day

Our advocates will visit your offices typically on a weekly or fortnightly basis to spend time with individuals in 121 sessions to discuss difficulties they may be facing. We call this our ‘Shine Day’.

Our advocates will use a ‘safe space’ in your office as agreed with you (normally a meeting room) and will be available throughout the working day for pre-bookable and drop in sessions where available.

Continuous support

Our email and telephone support provided 9-5pm weekdays is there to complement our face to face service and to ensure people have a variety of options available to them to communicate in the way that suits them best. We know some people may not feel ready or comfortable with face to face support so email and telephone support is there too. We can offer video support too where office appointments are not possible, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Each month we share key MI and feedback with employers so it is clear how our Shine service is working. Staff that may find this useful include Mental Health/Wellbeing Champions, Line Managers and HR. Feedback is always obtained anonymously with the consent of the employee. We know it helps employers to understand what difficulties their employees may be facing and how they can use MI and feedback to implement changes to help where applicable. These changes can make significant differences in terms of employee productivity and really boost overall wellbeing through access to the right support. Please get in touch with us for an example of our monthly report.

Getting started

Please get in touch for a further discussion on how we can work with your organisation and how to get our service set up for you. We want you to feel confident your employees are in safe hands and that we are there for you to be an extension of your business when it comes to workplace wellbeing.


Do you know someone who could benefit from this specialist support?


Please get in touch for a confidential chat to discuss how we can help.

For more info about our SHINE initiative, please contact us at or call us on 01325 776 554