Paid Relevant Persons Representative (PRPR/RPR)

Advent Advocacy work throughout England with people who are subject to The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards/Liberty Protection Safeguards. If a person cannot consent to their living and care arrangements and they do not have someone in their lives with whom it is appropriate for professionals to consult, they have the right to a Paid Relevant Person’s Representative (PRPR).

What do PRPRs do?

PRPRs visit clients regularly, observe their living arrangements and raise questions on behalf of the person. A PRPR can support the person with a complaint or an appeal against DoLS/LPS and can support the person at DoLS/LPS review meetings. The PRPR writes a report after the visit and sends this report to the Supervisory Body. PRPRs might liaise with the person’s Independent Advocate or IMCA as well as a range of other professionals involved in the person’s care.

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