Independent University Student Advocacy Service: @UniAdvocates

Advent Advocacy have a longstanding reputation for providing quality, bespoke advocacy services that focus on achieving the best outcomes for people. We are a nationwide service and specialise in providing a locally centred advocacy.

Our specialised Student Advocates have years of experience working with a diversity of clients. We are not an alternative to professional clinical support, but unlike other student support programmes, we are independent from the university and on hand to liaise on university students’ behalf.

Some examples of the things we can do for you are below:

Mental Health

In the last decade Student Mental Health & Wellbeing has come to the fore, as an increasing number of students seek help. This growth in Student Mental Health related issues has been rapid and unfortunately continues exponentially. We work on the ground in an integrated way alongside our partners, to not only signpost but support students in contacting and working with their GPs, University Mental Health Advisors, Counselling Services and others externally involved in their university life. Advent Advocacy has specific experience in working with a variety of individuals needing different degrees of mental health support, from students simply needing to chat to someone about difficulties they are facing, to supporting individuals in psychiatric settings.


We can support you before, during or after meetings you may be faced with. We can help you to find the language to speak up and have your voice heard about anything that is important to you. Whether this be a GP appointment, a medical assessment, a meeting with a tutor, a meeting with a supervisor or disciplinary meetings, YOUR student advocate can offer their attendance and empower you to make a difference to your university life. We can also support you in meetings with other externals such as banks, community care teams and Mental Health professionals. If you need support in any meeting – ask if we can help you!

Academic Matters

If you feel your course isn’t what you thought it would be or you would like to make a new subject choice, whether this be alongside your current studies or changing it up altogether, we can offer support with academic matters too – do you want to change what you are studying? Are you experiencing workload related stress? Is your attendance suffering? Are you having trouble with deadlines or exams? Come and chat to us or drop us an email, tweet us or write to us a letter. If you need help, all you have to do is ask – A problem shared is a problem halved.


Do you think you are entitled to more money? Are you struggling to budget whilst paying off a debt? Have you had an issue with student finance? We can support you with everything from accessing your finances, finding out if you are eligible for grants or hardship payments, setting up student bank accounts or researching budgeting methods. You may need our help to communicate with funding authorities and assisting with employment matters. We can support you to work with banks to set up accounts, set out budgeting plans or set up payment plans for debts. We can support with accessing help for gambling or we can refer you to the relevant individuals at the university that can help too. We can even go with you for that extra backing. Utilise your student advocate to help with difficulties related to your finances.

Social & Cultural Matters

If there are matters that are affecting your social wellbeing – Do you feel isolated? Are you a victim of bullying? Talk to your student advocate about accessing support and finding ways that you can feel more integrated into student life. Are you feeling homesick, is there something that can be done to make things easier for you whilst in your student halls? We can not only support with contacting and dealing with accommodation or housing matters, but also liaise with the relevant individuals or organisations to ensure your cultural needs are being met. We can help you find the relevant groups and societies to enable you to maintain your identity and be who you are as an individual in your new environment.


Do you have a grievance that you could benefit from some support with? Did something happen that you want to raise as an issue? Do you need someone to chat with informally to help you gather the right information to enable you to speak out about something? We can support you to have your voice heard about any complaints that you may have regarding internal matters concerning the university or any external matters that are influencing your day to day life. We will follow up your complaint from start to finish to ensure you receive an appropriate outcome.

For more information about our service, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help you.


Our Independent Student Advocates

Hannah and Noely are your Independent Student Advocates at St Mary’s University, they visit on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.
Amina is your Independent Student Advocate at University of West London, they visit on a Thursday.
Noely is your Independent Student Advocate at SOAS, University of London, they visit on a Thursday.
Devina is your Student Advocate at Brunel University, they visit on a Tuesday and a Thursday.
Amina is your Independent Student Advocate at Birkbeck, University of London, they visit on a Wednesday.



My name is Hannah– I visit St Mary’s University on a Wednesday.

My name is Noely– I visit St Mary’s University on a Tuesday. I visit SOAS University on a Thursday.

My name is Amina – I visit Birkbeck, University of London on a Wednesday and University of West London on a Thursday and


My name is Devina –  I visit Brunel University on Tuesday and Thursday.

My name is Saida – I am available to support students from Tuesday – Friday.


Meet the team

Danielle – Head of Student Advocacy Services

My name is Danielle and I head our wonderful Student Advocacy team. I love travelling to new places, meeting new people and working to empower others is something I am passionate about. My favourite hobby is trying new foods (and yes that is a hobby) .. I was born at breakfast time and so obviously I am always hungry!

Hannah – Social Media and Internal Communications

I’m Hannah and I manage Social Media and Internal Comms for the Student Team. I also visit St Mary’s University, Twickenham and support the lovely students there! The movie title to describe my life would be “La La Land”. Sometimes I feel as though I’m in my own little bubble and a bit weird – but all the best people are 😉

Ian – Staff Development and Quality Assurance

Hello I’m Ian! My responsibilities include Staff Development and Quality Assurance for the Student Team. Before becoming an advocate, I worked in film and television in minor roles and behind the scenes, and in the Dr Who 50th Anniversary episode, my face was shown in cinemas and television screens on 6 different continents around the world at the same time.

Maddie – Business Development and Quality Assurance

Hey, it’s Maddie – I support with Business Development and Quality Assurance for the Student Team. I am passionate about supporting students to allow them to have the best experience possible. Out of work I am a mega adrenaline junkie and would spend most of my time skiing or rock climbing if I could! The nerdiest thing I’ve ever done is write my whole dissertation on the disgust emotion…niche I know!

Romy – Quality Assurance

Hi! I’m Romy! I work closely with your Student Advocates as a part of the Quality Assurance team. Our Student Advocacy service excites me because our team is constantly growing and we are reaching more and more students every day. Word really is getting around about the great work our advocates are doing. A geeky thing that not many people know about me is that I own a telescope! I love stargazing and looking at the planets (Jupiter is my favourite so far) – space really amazes me!


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