Independent Generic Advocacy Service in Universities

UniAdvocates by Advent Advocacy specialise in providing quality, bespoke independent generic advocacy support and have been a mainstay in the sector for 14 years. Our team of professional advocates work to ensure that your students have access to the support they require. We do not offer, and are not an alternative to, clinical support, but unlike other student support programmes, we are trained in providing independent generic advocacy, completely separate from the university or student unions and are on hand to liaise on university students’ behalf.

Our advocates are committed to:

  • Listening, representing and empowering the students we work with
  • Supporting to bolster working relationships between students and available pastoral and mental health services, internally and externally
  • Acting as an independent and confidential sounding board to assist decision making

Contact Us

Please ensure that you complete and return the referral form: UniAdvocates Independent Generic Advocacy Referral Form

Or you can reach us at or call our office on 01325 373 301


If you are a University that would like to commission our advocacy service.

Please email us at  or you could call our office on 01325 776 554.

What Do Partner Universities Say About our Service?​

“We have been working with Advent Advocacy for 4 years and I know many of our students have really appreciated the service over that time. They are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable, and I’m always confident in referring students on to Noely with a wide range of issues. In extremely challenging times for Higher Education, it’s an incredible source of support for students and a really valuable resource for staff. Thank you Advent!”


“Advent Advocacy and SMSU have been working in partnership for over two academic years now, and I can’t recommend their services enough. They are efficient, professional, great with our students, and are always keen to go above and beyond and grow the service. We are proud to work with Advent Advocacy and hope to maintain and grow our partnership in years to come!”


“We have been very pleased to work with Advent Advocacy. It gives us a place to refer vulnerable students that is independent of the College, when they are trying to navigate through what could otherwise feel quite intimidating College processes. The service ensures that the student voice is properly heard throughout. Their advocates work effectively and have a great support structure behind them.”


“Advent Advocacy has been a great addition to the support that we provide to our students at UWL. Advent Advocacy have been brilliant at supporting our students with matters that fall outside of our remit, such as attending GP appointments, help with applying for benefits or speaking to landlords to help with housing disputes, for example.”


Meet Our UniAdvocates


Noely is a psychology graduate who studied at the University of Essex. After she had graduated in Noely wanted further experience working within the mental health sector and obtained a position as a healthcare assistant where she supported people diagnosed with severe and enduring mental health conditions and learning difficulties. She later joined Advent Advocacy as an Independent Mental Health Advocate and an Independent Student Advocate. In her spare time, Noely enjoys reading, going to the gym, listening to music and spending time with her family and friends.

Noely provides advocacy support to the Students at:

SOAS University of London
on a Friday between 09:00-17:00

Noely provides advocacy support to the Students at:

St Mary’s University of London
on Tuesday between 09:00-17:00



Brian is a History Graduate from the University of Kent. He went on to further his studies and complete a Masters in Law, as well as the Graduate Diploma in Law. His keen interest in legal matters and mental health has led to his involvement in supporting vulnerable adults. Brian is passionate about empowering vulnerable individuals and groups in society, providing them with opportunities to voice their concerns and wishes. Brian is also a Contributing Writer for MindMapper UK, writing a series of blogs aimed at encouraging more open conversations and breaking down stigmas towards topics within mental health.  In 2021, he joined the team at Advent Advocacy as an Independent Mental Health Advocate/Student Advocate, with the ambition of gaining more experience within mental health and providing a quality advocacy service to service users.

Brian provides advocacy support to the Students at:

University of West London
on Thursday between 09:00-17:00 

Brian provides advocacy support to the Students at:

Birkbeck University of London on
Wednesday between 09:00-17:00
(except during easter break)



Devina graduated from the Open University with a Batchelor Honours Degree in Psychology. Shortly after she graduated, Devina Joined Advent Advocacy as an Independent Mental Health Advocate and Student Advocate in 2019. She has a background of working with young people with learning disabilities in College, working with young mothers as Family Support Worker and worked as a Rehabilitation carer for people that have had a long stay in hospital. Devina has a strong passion for supporting and empowering people to have the best life experience and will go above and beyond in anything she does. In Devina’s spare time she enjoys researching and studying astrology, star gazing, researching anything to gain knowledge and eating.

Devina provides advocacy support to the students at:
Brunel University of London
on a Thursday between 09:00-17:00


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