Children & Young People’s Advocacy

There is a recognition of the importance of advocacy for children and young people when plans are being made about their lives.

Hearing and appreciating the views and feelings of the child or young person helps them feel involved and can help everyone make better decisions. Working like this is not just good practice, it’s a legal requirement.

No Decision About Me Without Me

Listening to children and young people is at the heart of Advent Advocacy’s work. We are committed to supporting children and young people in finding their voice and making sure their thoughts and opinions are heard by the adults around them.  We work independently and confidentially with children and young people in a variety of settings such as residential homes and CAMHS services.  We support children and young people on the big important stuff in their lives but also make sure they have a voice when it comes to the smaller things too.

What does a Children and Young People’s Advocate do?

We make sure that the children and young people we work with are aware of their rights as part of the Children’s Act (1989, 2004) such as a right to privacy and a right to being heard. If a local authority is deciding what should happen to a child or young person, they must find out how they feel and what they want. They must tell the child or young person what is happening and why.

We help children and young people have their say. For example, we can support children and young people’s forums so they can express their thoughts and opinions on their home, education or even the food that they eat. We also work with children and young people on a one to one basis to find out what’s important to them on all things from where they live to what activities they enjoy.

If you are a child or young person, an Advocate can help you by:

  • helping you to say what you want
  • making sure your voice, wishes, aspirations and feelings areheard
  • listening to you
  • helping you make a complaint
  • making sure you understand your rights and that your rights are being respected
  • getting the services you are entitled to
  • supporting you at important meetings


We may not be able to change the situation you are in such as being in care, but we can help get your voice heard and make sure you are listened to and have a say in what’s happening

For more info about our Children & Young People’s Advocacy service please contact us