Wednesday 17th May 2017

‘Research has the power to transform young people’s lives. We swear to take it on, if you swear to help.’

Mental illness in young people is enough to make you swear. It’s time we all swore to take it on.

We are MQ, the major new mental health research charity, and we swear:

  • To transform understanding of how mental illness develops
  • To identify which young people are most at risk – and which support can help them at the earliest possible point.
  • To discover life-changing treatments specifically for young people.

These are not empty promises. To transform young people’s lives we will:

  • Bring together the world’s best scientists and researchers
  • Invest in partnerships with research organisations and charities that share our frustration and our determination to make change happen
  • Join up initiatives around the world and accelerate the rate of progress, because we haven’t a minute to waste.

At MQ, we have the commitment. We have the confidence. We have the capability. And we need you – to join us, get involved in our work and help fund our life-changing research.

So if you’re frustrated about mental illness, don’t swear in silence – swear to help us find the answers that can stop young people living in the dark. 


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