Don’t you just love that feeling – the feeling when all of your assignments are done and dusted weeks before the deadline, confident in that presentation you have to give to 50 people tomorrow and your Harvard referencing is on point? The feeling you have when it’s easy as pie to make new friends, that special someone in your life is texting you back and you know exactly what you’re gonna wear when you go out tonight? The feeling when you’re on top of your finances because you’re an Excel PRO and always have the dolla to do the things you enjoy? The feeling you have when you’re at stress level 0????

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? WHAT EVEN IS THAT FEELING? – If so, I’m not surprised… as that would be absolutely ridiculous and anyone who agrees with all of the above is definitely not human – I repeat – Not. Human.


The fact is that no one really prepares you for the not-so-glam bits of uni life. Everyone always says how amazing it is and how “it was the best time of my life” so is it any wonder so many students find themselves a little out of their depth???

According to the mental health charity, Mind*, being a student increases the risk of developing a mental health problem due to stress from study, age and lack of support. This is further backed up by a recent poll of 38,000 UK students, as reported by the Guardian in 2019**, found that the rates of psychological distress and illness are on the rise with “alarmingly high” levels of anxiety, loneliness, substance misuse and thoughts of self-harm.

But let’s first get one thing straight – stress is okay! Stress is normal! Stress in small doses is a natural human reaction to everyday events. Stress can be a good thing – it can give us that boot up the backside to get things done and can help us to achieve life goals. However, when stress gets too overwhelming it can turn into distress. It can feel never-ending, like things are spiralling out of control and it can seem impossible to cope with or talk about.

If you ever feel this way please talk to someone, don’t suffer in silence. Just letting it all out and saying what you’re thinking out loud is so underestimated! It may seem silly and you may think “well even if I explain everything it won’t change anything and I will still be stressed” – but all I can say to that is “don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!”.


You may or may not have heard of our Independent Student Advocacy service but let me explain it in a nutshell: we are a FREE (errrrybody loves a freebie), confidential service that provide students with specialised support. We are here to listen to you, be your voice, empower you and support you with matters whilst you study.

We are INDEPENDENT from the universities that we visit, but can liaise with professionals on your behalf. We are here to support you with matters such as….

Mental Health, Wellbeing, Stress.
Finances, Bills, Work.
Social and Cultural Matters, Housing, Home Life.
Meetings – before, during, after.
Academic Matters, Reasonable Adjustments, Extensions.
Complaints, about people, places, disagreements.
Contacting Externals, professionals, community teams, groups.

So next time you’re feeling stressed, down and feel you can’t talk to anyone, or if you notice someone else that may be struggling – come and see us! We would love to hear from you.

Written by Sally