Mental health awareness is growing, and rightly so. Mental health does not discriminate. It can afflict persons of any race, age or background. Even though mental health has affected more lives than heart disease, cancer or diabetes each year, the stigma attached prevents more than half of those from seeking treatment.

Increasing Public Understanding through Advocacy

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), mental health advocacy is an important part of improving mental health care as well as the human rights of those with mental health problems.

Mental health advocacy plays a crucial role in helping individuals looking for an opportunity to make their voice count and to have a say in crucial decisions that affect them directly. Most recently, advocacy has helped people to get involved in the re-writing of the Mental Health Act. Advocacy isn’t restricted to government officials and politicians taking notice of critical issues affecting the lives of people with mental illnesses, it gives people the power to understand their illness and to voice their thoughts.

This could mean knowing when to speak up when you are meeting at a doctor’s appointment, encouraging legislators to vote for bills that increase mental health funding or joining hands with other advocates to raise awareness.

How a Good Advocacy Campaign Can Help

Advent Advocacy provides advocacy services to help increase public awareness and to help individuals with taking decisions that matter to them and that can affect their well-being.

With our advocacy services, patients who might not have received primary care from a physician earlier will get a chance to receive quality medical attention. Not only that, their opinions about their healthcare will be considered when the various treatment options are considered.

With our advocacy services, patients are an active part of their personal treatment plan, which ensures that their recovery goals are created by them and can be managed on a personal level.

With a good advocacy campaign, patients can combat the stigma around mental disorders and get access to the treatment they need.

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Advent Advocacy has helped hundreds of people with mental health problems in receiving necessary medical attention and care. We would be happy to listen to your issues and come up with a plan to help you along your journey.

About Us

Advent Advocacy have provided a nationwide advocacy service since 2007.

Advent Advocacy offers a range of advocacy services including Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA), Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy (IMCA), Care Act AdvocacyChildren’s and Young Person’s Advocacy, Generic and Non-Instructed Advocacy services nationwide.

Our independent mental health advocacy services are available throughout the UK – call us on 01325 776 554 for more information.