Friday 5th January 2018

By Rob Young

Is there a link between mental health and the nation’s productivity? When Prince Harry was editing BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he asked them to look into this question.

On a building site in east London, men in hard hats and hi-vis jackets are putting the finishing touches to a block of flats.

The company doing the electrical work, RSE Building Services, was set up 14 years ago by Russell Stilwell.

As we chat in one of the almost-complete apartments, he tells me about a series of stressful and upsetting events that left him depressed.

Russell’s family told him to seek help, so he went to see his doctor and underwent months of counselling.

He’s now happy, and his business is thriving again.

Russell’s experience has led him to invest in new tools to make his workers’ lives as stress-free as possible, by providing them with more accurate information than even on drawn building plans.

“We’ve brought in and invested in a lot of technology. It is removing the need for guys to be up on stepladders with tape measures. We use laser machines, which create clarity through their accuracy.”


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