Tuesday 29th August 2017


Appointments for online therapy have doubled in the past two years in England to around 14,000 a month.

Although that only accounts for 4% of NHS mental health treatments, the number of people choosing to go digital is growing, according to figures seen by BBC Radio 5 live.

Katy Goodwin, 32, from Bridlington, has told Newsbeat why online therapy was the best option for her.

“I thought I’d give it a go because we are an online culture now,” she says.

Critics of using online services to treat mental health have questioned how effective the service is, suggesting it’s cutting corners when it comes to mental health.

But Katie told us how, of all the options she was offered, the flexibility and self-control of going digital was most appealing to her.

She also tried face to face therapy, but found she preferred the distance you get when talking to someone online.

The NHS has its own secure networks and forums where you can speak to therapists, take online courses and get support from peer groups.

“Initially you book your appointment and a specific time, as you would with any regular therapies,” she says.

“And then you log in and it’s a messenger service. So it’s instant messaging back and fourth.


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