Thursday 31st August 2017

By Kate Palmer


If returning to work or school in September and shorter, colder days seem like a gloomy prospect, you’re not alone. Autumn can worsen anxiety and depression, experts say, so why does it affect us and can we beat the blues?

“Every year I tell myself this is the last winter I can do in the UK,” says Cal Strode, 25, who lives in London and has seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a condition that can bring on low moods and even depression during autumn and winter.

“It’s already starting to look darker and colder, which is when I tend to feel low and lack energy.”

SAD is thought to affect about one in 15 people in the UK between the months of September and April, according to the NHS.

For more serious sufferers, it can prevent people from functioning normally during the autumn and winter months and is thought to be caused by lack of light, as well as other factors such as colder temperatures and the return to normal routines.


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