Thursday 12th April

Dwayne Johnson says he’s been “moved” by fans’ reaction after opening up about his struggles with mental health.

In an interview earlier this month the star said he’s battled depression many times during his career.

Dwayne told Newsbeat the response he’s received has been “phenomenal”.

“It was really overwhelming and thousands of people responded,” The Rock said at last night’s premiere of his new movie, Rampage

“It all started when I helped a man [a fan who was fighting his own battle with depression].

“I said, ‘hey, you’re not alone, we all go through it’.

He described reaching his lowest point where he didn’t want to go anywhere, do anything and was crying constantly.

“We as men have a tendency to hold all that in which is not healthy, it’s not good.

“Depression doesn’t discriminate so if my past can help then I’m happy to share.”

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