Resolutions for New Year tend to revolve around dietary changes, weight loss or a new exercise regimen.

Why not make this New Year about your mental health?

Improving your  mental health, can help you in every aspect of your life,  whether it be a more productive work-life, more fulfilling relationships,  or general sense of wellbeing.

Here are some top resolutions to help make your mental health a priority.

Focus More on Accepting Yourself

If you find it hard to accept yourself with your flaws and strengths, you are doing yourself a great disservice.

When you fail to accept yourself, you tend to give into self-blame, guilt, and self-loathing, all of which can lead to depression – not a good way to start your New Year.

Vow to become your best friend this year.

Aim to be Healthier, not Body-Perfect

Instead of trying for a “perfect body”  an image often projected in the media, why not set out to become healthier – such as through incorporating a balanced diet. Good food increases feel-good mood-boosting chemicals in the body, which leads to better mental wellness.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Reduce the intake of processed and high-sugar foods.

Get and Stay Active

You can become active by going to the gym or  if you find working-out unmotivating, find an activity that you love and makes you sweat, or make it part of your daily life

Cleaning your yard, walking up the stairs instead of using a lift, scheduling playtime with your kids, running and gardening, are some great ways to include interesting physical activities in your routine.

Minimise Gadget Intrusions

The lesser the screen time, the greater the benefits. Spend the extra time on activities that improve the quality of your life – better sleep, family time, couple time, some me-time, etc.

Sleep, Sleep and Sleep Well

Lack of adequate sleep can destroy your mood and physical health, and can even lead to depression. For quality sleep, have a bedtime routine and shut down electronic devices before sleep.

Make Time for Yourself

Have some me-time to relax.. This could include  engaging in a hobby, meditating or going for a  holiday – anything that rejuvenates you and helps you ‘switch off’.

Go Out and Meet People

A good social network leads to better mental health by preventing you from feeling isolated.  Joining a sports club, an interest group, or getting involved in your local community, can help to build your network.

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