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In the last decade Student Mental Health & Wellbeing has come to the fore, as an increasing number of students seek help. This growth in student mental health related issues has been rapid and unfortunately continues exponentially.

Research indicates that;

  • Individuals who recognise a need for mental health support are often unable to obtain it due to financial barriers, lack of availability or problems in reaching services (Psychological Medicine, Mojtabai, R, 2011).
  • Although 90% of students provide some form of informal help to a friend with a mental health problem, only 24% encourage them to seek professional help (Early Intervention Psychiatry, Reavley, N.J. 2012).
  • Almost 80% of students surveyed by the National Union of Students expressed they have experienced some form of mental health issue, in 2015 (National Union of Students Survey, 2015).

How we help

Advent Advocacy offer the support of specialised student mental health advocates who have years of experience working with young adults with mental health needs. We are not an alternative to professional clinical support, but unlike other student support programmes, we are on hand to liaise on behalf of students with relevant individuals or organisations and support them in meetings.

We work on the ground in an integrated way alongside our partners, and not only signpost but support students to contact and work with their GPs, University Mental Health Advisors and Counselling Services.

Find Out More

Advent Advocacy have a longstanding reputation for providing quality, bespoke mental health advocacy services that focus on achieving the best outcomes for you. We are a nationwide service and specialise in providing a locally focused advocacy, in any geographical location.

For more information about this service, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to help you.

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